I have an Audiobox usb and I recently bought a mic for recording acoustic guitar. I have no problem recording but it sounds so quiet when I play it back and the bar on the track barely moves. I am pretty new to recording so if you could explain what I need to do in the simplest way that would be great.
It sounds like you need to turn the gain up on that input. Assuming you plugged the mic in Input 1, turn the know on the top left (labelled 1) to the right. Try to get a strong signal, but not clipping. If the 'Clipping' LED next to the gain know lights up, turn the gain down some.
Ok, I tried that but if I went up higher than a little over half it would make a loud squealing noise
Im using Studio One for recording software because it came with the Audiobox. And I'm using a Sterling Audio ST51 mic.
Check your inputs and outputs in Studio One. The squealing could be caused by a feedback loop.
Ok nevermind. I guess when I turn up the gain too much there is this humming noise that gradually gets louder. But that is ok because the clipping light flashes when it gets that high so it isn't the gain that's the problem. Thanks for trying to help me, do you have any other ideas though cause I really want this to work.