You could definitely find a better sounding hi-hat and snare for this song - It makes me think of a cheap Guitar Pro 2 Demo sound. I enjoy the simplicity of the song but in that, there's a big opportunity to change up the drum patterns as I feel like the song stays at the same level the whole time. Electrics kicking at 2:00 was nice. Vocals were well sung but unfortunately I couldn't understand a single lyric! I think that needs to be fixed. I think your songwriting is really strong, there are just issues with the mix of it. Keep it up champo!

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Thanks for the critique, sorry it took so long to critique back. I really like the guitar mix you used here, between electric and acoustic. Your vocals fit this style really well, I would lift them up a little higher in the mix though, I'm having some trouble understanding all of the lyrics. The only other thing would be possibly get a more realistic sounding drum midi, but there seems to be little winning in that area. I quite enjoy the bridge you have. With a little more polishing you'll have a great song. Just a quick note, I think it would help if on the last note of the solo you draw it out a bit more. Great job!