Whats the best way to fix album artwork, and properly name everything for free?
Time and patience. I think that's literally the only way.
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Probably manually, I've never heard of a program that does it, and it can't be terribly accurate
Ihad that Tuneup thing but its only the trial, it worked fine but I have to pay 60$ per year to use it
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Time and patience. I think that's literally the only way.

Pretty much it. If you get too frustrated about the naming thing, I've tried tag editors, but they are a bit cumbersome. As for the album art, if iTunes can't seek them out, you gotta fetch them yourself.
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If iTunes doesn't have the album artwork, go to Wikipedia. They usually use pretty high quality pics.

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When I started caring about tags and artwork I had maybe around 8,000 songs, most of which weren't tagged correctly at all.

I took out an entire weekend to manually fix everything. Now I always fix the tags the moment I add something new in.

Don't be lazy. Just do it yourself.

I swear, the shit people pay for these days...

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