This isn't exactly and SG (obviously) the shape is a little different, and I don't think I would ever see a poplar SG. heres the specs, followed by pics.

-Poplar body

-Big Rock Maple neck (nothing fancy)

-Probably going to have a rosewood fretboard.

-24 3/4 scale length

-floyd rose

and im still deciding on the rest.

probably gonna finish this with a silver/grey burst.

and finally, the pics

looks nice and clean man, I'll be following
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So I have done a little bit more work, and actually started 2 other builds of the same guitar, with different wood, and a couple of other differences. I dont have pictures of everything But i have some on the (slow) progress I have been making.

The Truss Rod (from LMI, because I'm to lazy to make my own) is now installed

Haha, I didn't realize till now, this shows off how messy I keep my work bench. probably a bad habit.

This neck will probably go with the poplar bodied guitar.

I also have a walnut SG, with a walnut neck, which is at the same point as this guitar, just without the body curve, because I may do a cream binding around the walnut.

and the other one is a maple/koa/holly/koa/maple/koa/holly/koa/maple laminate guitar. it is quite a bit thinner than these guitars, so it won't have a floating bridge. i still need to make a neck for that one, as I had on started, but now I think I will use that neck to build a replacement neck for my Kramer.

Pictures of all that to come with my next post. Until then I hope you enjoy.