My buddy and I are starting a hard rock/metal cover band (at least, cover band for now), looking for some combination of a drummer, a bassist, a lead guitarist, and a keyboard player, I can fill in any spot that we don't fill.
We decided not to get too carried away with super fast songs that require a lot of skill (we're not masters, but we're not bad), our setlist that we came up with looks like this, but we are open to suggestions:

No Rabbit in the Hat - Wednesday 13
Gods and Punks - Monster Magnet
Nancy the Tavern Wench - Alestorm
Mercury - Clutch
Burn in Hell - Dimmu Borgir (Twisted Sister cover)
Zombie Barricades - The Company Band
Whipping Post - Allman Brothers

The setlist doesn't exactly match our musical tastes, but those are fun songs to play, and we'll hopefully get into more complex stuff as we perform.
Preferable age range is 15-21, please be at least intermediate-level with your instrument(s).

Message me or e-mail me at colonel.mendar@gmail.com, we'll talk from there.