Whats the best way to go about doing this? I just completed my tele build and it appears as if this needs to be done.
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I took mine to a luthier. It was included free with the $100 setup. That was in an expensive area; many places will do all that work for less.
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Preferably you'd use wood veneer or something thin. Lets say a business card. You want to cut it so that it fits right at the back of the heel (closest to the pickups). If a luthier is going to be amazing about it they'll taper the shim so it is thinnest at the front and thickest closer to the body. Thats not entirely necessary. Just cut the curves from the pocket and cut it at the first set of neck screws so it is only about half an inch wide. Voila.
Here's how I do it. Loosen guitar strings or put just one on in the middle of the neck.
Adjust string height at the bridge to be in the middle of its adjustment range so you can adjust the strings up and down after shimming.
Now make a pencil mark on the side of the neck at the body where the screws closest to the body are. Loosen the neck screws a bit, rotating the neck on the front screws untill the string height at the twelfth fret is about 1/16", make another mark below the first one on the side of the neck. The space between the lines is the approxomate height of the shim.
The shim should be the full width of the neck, and a solid wedge, not just a spacer under the screws. Full contact between the neck and the body is required for optimal tone and tuning stability.
Good luck.