so im a proud owner of a agile 3200 ( their higher end ) .. but as im gonna travel .. . i want a guitar thats gonne be more of a "beater" ( if we want .. i take great care of my guitar in general ) i will travel with it in a gigbag ( not a hard case ) .. i just want a average/not bad guitar to travel with it and dont care if it get poked or whatever in the subway .

i have a duncan invader that sitting at home so i thought about getting a cheaper agile AL-2000 and throw in the invader to make it a metal /punk machine .

is it a decent guitar for the price ??.. i dont expect it to match my 3200 . but for 225 $ . i would switch the humbucker to made it a beater punk rock guitar ( i take care of my guitar so i wont beat in on purpose )

need review of it

anyone own a al-2000 ?
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