So I'm part of a to piece band playing predominately covers..may add a bass player don't really need one but it would open up more options...anyway I digress. My question is how do we establish ourselves as a band and get gigs...we are located close to a major city with a bar scene...do we just pop on down to a joint and talk to the managers or what? I've never actually been in a band and have no idea as far as this aspect goes. Please help me out.
You have to actively search for gig opportunities.
Yes, walk into bars and talk to the managers; go to youth centers, cultural centers, schools, etc... You have to really put your name out there.

It's also extremely important to let other bands in your area know you and establish a good relationship with them. Invite them to watch one of your rehearsals, for example.
That way, they'll probably keep you in mind and invite your band to open for them in their own gigs.
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Look for "Battle of the Bands" style competitions. They're great for showcasing your stuff

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