I was just wondering if a 10 watt head thru a 4x12 cab would be as loud as a 50 watt head thru the same cab, cheers
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The 50 watter would be much louder.

This. I'm sure the cab just provides speakers for the watts for your cab.
it wont be as loud. The more speakers does make stuff a bit louder, but the difference between a 2x12 and 4x12 isn't doubled volume, but it is the 'more' air pushed away from the speakers (and of course, the increased feedback), so a 50w through a 4x12 would be a bit louder than a 50w through 2x12, but more people will hear it as the air pierces through more than the 2x12. But a 10 watt is gonna 'produce' less volume (not MUCH less, but generally less) as the wattage =/= volume, but more wattage = more clean headroom.
Does that make sense?
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Think about your question: "which amp will have more power a 50w or 10w amp?"
The answer should be fairly obvious...
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Speaker sensitivity is important too.

Wattage isn't necessarily a great way to compare amps - a 10W valve amp coould probably overpower a 50W solid state through the same cab.
Manufacturers' ratings can also be misleading sometimes ( the stand is RMS wattage, but some manufacturers use Peak ratings to make their amps sound more powerful. Bugera, I'm looking at you.)