Hey guys,

I came across this telecaster on youtube!

It seems it has a mini humbucker and a single coil. Does this model have a name ? Can I buy it somewhere ? Or did the guy customize it ?

It's a YouTube video; I'm sure the guy has answered that same question at some point on one or another video.

Personally I don't know if it's custom or factory, sorry.
I saw a black one just like it at my local shop, I think. Might've been a little different but it's got the same s/s/mini setup.
There used to be a guitar in the Squier Vintage Modified line like that. SSH design, Tele bridge, Strat middle and minbucker neck. It came in white or black and it had the control plate reversed so the controls went pickup selection-tone-volume instead of tone-volume-pickups. The body was made of Indian Cedro which is not a terribly good wood; much like mahogany but often heavier. It also had a terrible pickup selector; you'd think it was 5-way, but actually it was 3-way and only went bridge, bridge+middle, neck.
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Yes! This is a Squier Vintage Modified SSH Telecaster. Squier stopped making them just recently, so you might be able to find one still around somewhere.

EDIT: here's a google product search link

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