So I finally want to move away from my combo and have noticed this getting good reviews and alot of people are saying that this is perfect for megadeth and really chunky heavy tones which is what I want. Basically my question is should I get it? And which cab/s should I get with it have about £700/800 to play with I am open for other options.
Get an Apple cab. Iv heard Apples and Oranges go well together.

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Make sure you get an OD-pedal if you don't already have one to get the most out of the amp, especially if you want the Megadeth type sound.
You will want to boost the amp for that or it'll just be too orangey.
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depends. It's quite an old-school, dirty kind of heavy tone (after all, this is Orange). if that's what you're after, you'll love it. However, if you want tight, modern sounding tones I'd look elsewhere (something in the 6505 family)