I need some help and also some feedback with this song I'm currently writing. It's just for fun really but I plan to get it recorded and such.

I'm aware some of the transitions are terrible and it currently unfinished. If someone could give me feedback and also help me sort out the transitions and add more.

The riffs at the end I plan to add in somewhere. The part before those riffs is where I want to put a melodic slow section similar to the contortionist or along those lines.

Bear in mind I have no musical knowledge and this is just me playing about on my guitar. I will add more instruments in time after I have tracked the first guitar.
new song.gp5
this should occupy my monday morning...
whatre you looking for exactly?
nvr mnd.
im gonna do what i do.
I'm just looking for some transitions and improvements upon what I've got if it's lacking.
editing guitar tracks,
did a drum track ( i need an underlying beat to write over)
transitions are mostly fine, worked out some. got lazy at one point .and yah.
how the eff do i upload a tab in this post?
Dude I have to say what you've done is awesome. And that bridge/big ending bit, is in fact a bridge to a big melodic section hopefully ending with another riff I've got based around others in the song and then it'll end.

But yes what you've done is immense. Thank you.
so its a bridge section? alright..ill take that into consideration.
ive finished all my songs for today so this is occupying me haha.
Well have fun with it I didn't expect you to do so much but thank god you tracked some drums I'm terrible at it.

Can't wait to hear what you come up with next.
bridge bit flows into a clean bridge bit..into an epic bridge....and ill stop there and let you do your thing.

im liking whats written but it might be my own taste and something you dislike, im just dickin around,
That's fine in the tab you said you like protest the hero so it'll be to my tastes more than likely.
My friend that was pretty damn good. Much better than what I was thinking. I can't thank you enough. You have turned this song into something awesome.

I just need to see if I can fit those riffs in now.

But I like it.
I don't at the moment. After I've finished this one I'll probably start another to try and best it and I'll send it to you
Heres a song i wrote a few months, never went anywhere with it.
but its fun to play.
dont mind the random transition at the end. had 2 ideas going...failed.
Just all round crazy. If that end bit transitioned well it would be an epic ending.
I listened to the one you most recently posted, and I have to say you did a good job on it.

I liked pretty much everything in it, although the scalar runs got a bit stale after a while. That said, I really liked a lot of the lead work, and it had a decent enough flow through its entirety. The only thing I would change is the riff at bar 111, and just that section in general. Split the voicings between the guitars rather than have them playing the same thing, and reorganize the riff to make it more coherent, because I hear plenty of potential in it, but the execution is sub par.

If you want more people to listen to your material, give out critiques on other pieces and leave the URL of this thread. They should come back and give you a thorough listen. This crit wasn't too indepth, but I liked pretty much everything. Good work on the clean section.

Crit mine?

Thanks all thanks to coldhearted.

I see what you mean about those sections though. I'm trying to mess around with it as I go along and I'll post up the finished soon.

I'll crit yours when I get back home tonight so in a couple of hours

Thanks for the crit.
Gageycakes, this song is all-round pretty good, but I'd be lying if Ididn't say my favourie bit was the clean section coldhearted added in . Nevertheless, you provided the start!
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