So, I've been playing in recording, and touring metal bands for well over a decade. I've went through a LOT of gear. I just started jamming with some old friends and we will be hitting the road in mid March.
I want to list my gear and see if anyone wants to help build up a good rig out of it with me. The only reason im asking for help this time around is because im not in a metal band any more. When it comes to guitar tone, it will be more along the lines of new deftones or maybe Tool ish.

So ill waste no more time.
B52 AT100 Head with svetlana tubes replaced last month.
B52 AT100 combo with sovtek's and eminence legands.
Mesa rectoverb 50watt 1;12 combo with new jj's installed last week.
peavey 3120 head.
Crate vtx200 solid state.
Hughes n Kettner warp 7 head.
2 peavey ms 4:12 cabs(slants)
1 splawn 4:12 with two vintage 30's and two g12t's (straight cab)
1mesa oversize slant with vintage 30's
ESP eclipse 2 with active emg's
Ltd viper400 with emg's
Ltd ec300 with invader pups.
Ltd f series with emg's
Ltd distressed tele single coil in bridge burstbucker in neck.
line6 pod xt live
digitech whammy
Cry baby wah
Mxr full bore metal.

So, I can sell or trade in any item on the list except for the mesa cab. It's not paid off yet. I need a reliable practice and tour worthy rig. Once everything is picked I will be getting cases made and I'll post pix and sound clips if anyone wants to hear it.

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I'm not sure what the problem is. You've got a Rectoverb, 3120, some B52s, a Splawn cab, a Mesa cab and a bunch of other stuff. From an amplification perspective you should have Deftones/Tool tones no problem. What is the question?