Man Made Origin is a Post/prog metal band from Scotland. We recently released our new album "False Consciousness" in November and we've been getting some good reviews:

"Man Made Origin are fast becoming one of the best Progressive Metal acts to come out of Scotland at the moment" ~ Inverness Gigs (Live, United Kingdom)"

"It's hard to imagine that Man Made Origin will be an unsigned band for much longer ... 4.5/5" ~ Sea of Tranquillity (United States)

(more on our website)

We have put up our full album for 1 week of free streaming on our facebook page. It would make me very happy if you could check it out. Maybe tell your friends if you like it?

Thanks in advance!

Man Made Origin Facebook
Main Website
Do you guys like Between the Buried and Me? The beginning to False Consciousness is very reminiscent of their song Informal Gluttony.

I like the more atmospheric approach the compositions take. However, if there was one thing I would do differently, it's that I would turn down the vocals in the mix. They sound too upfront, and take the focus away from the instrumentals a bit.

The vocalist has got a strong voice, reminds me of the singer from Opeth. Good singers in this genre are always nice to listen to, imo.

The intro to redemption is pretty badass, I must say.
Thank you very much good sir! My singer will be very pleased with the Opeth comparison haha. As for the BTBAM thing, I had never even noticed the similarities untill i checked it out just there..