I'm looking for amp that would be able to sound good when I play in band. After some time of research I'm now wondering about HIWATT G50 (new one) and Marshall V808 (used), both at same price. I have nothing against used amps, but of course I preffer to buy new, in shop etc.
I need an amp capable of playing mostly traditional rock/hard rock/blues. I really hate, when distortion sounds noisy and it wants to drill into my head through ears. The most important features for me are warm crunch and lead sound with the taste like Slash, Gilmour etc. (basicly, not "GAIN MAX, TREEBLE AND BASS ALSO!!"). Oh, forgot to say - I own Epiphone Les Paul standard plus. Unfortunately, there is no chance for me to try any of these amps, so I will really appreciate your help and opinions.

PS. Sorry for my english xD