Currently I'm using an rp355 into the CPU via 3.5mm cable but I was thinking about just plugging my guitar straight into the computer with a 3.5mm male to male using a 6.3mm plug adapter. Would this sound horrible? Thanks in advance
I've tried using the USB interface, never got a sound. How do I set the USB-RP mix to 100%? Actually, I don't even know what "USB-RP" is XD

Edit: scratch that, I just got it to give me some sound but it's delayed by like a second.
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^You have Asio? Install it, set the buffer to 256 samples.
On my 500, to set the RP=USB mix, I use the edit arrow to get to the Wah block, there one knob sets Q of the Wah, while the others do the USB_RP mix and recording gain.
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