hi,i have a marshall tsl 122 combo,but it hasn't midi channel control ability,i want to make various patches with multiple chorus-delay-reverb-volume...patches(for a progressive band) but my amp has just a footswitch port.
now i want to know is there any way to control the amp channel setting except the amp footswitch via the footswitch port?
a guy in a forum said that he could plug his marshal dsl 50 footswitch jack to a boss gt8 or 10 multieffect amp control switch and make various patches and setting with full control of his amp through the multi effect unit.
now i want to know is there any pedals or devices that gives the full control of my amp?

another question i don't have the budget to buy multiple rack effect units,and i want a quality more than multi effects, so i think buying budget single pedals is a good choice,so is there any budget pedals that can be controllable with midi or something to make various patches?
things i need:wah-noise gate-booster-delay-chorus-flanger-a way to control the pedals and the amp and make various setting to a big footswitch pedal
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Rocktron Loop Master 8 floor. Using single stomp boxes and building a sweet pedal board isn't the cheaper option though, a multi-fx unit like one of the Line 6 PODs is. Although that doesn't sound as good IMO.
wdoes it control the channels of the amps that are not midi?
Ibanez RG2550Z GK
Marshall TSL 122 Combo
Digitech GNX4
Boss DS2
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The Rocktron Loop Master is programmable so the MIDI program change number corresponds to different loops being turned on and off in which you place different pedals. So you have yourself a MIDI controller connected to its MIDI in to select the patches.
Most MIDI controllers will also have relay out jacks than can be connected to the amp's footswitch jacks. So now when you select a MIDI program, which loops are active and which channel is turned on changes simultaneously.

Another way would be to get a top quality MFX like a TC G-System. That also has relay outs and it's own floor controller. It can do the same thing. It has 4 loops you can use to switch pedals and relay outs to switch non-MIDI amps.
The G-System is the way I'd go if I was building a new system from the ground up. You can even split the floor module into two parts so the guts is rack mounted and a single cable going to the foot controller section (cat5 iirc).
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