Hi all,

Wanted a bit of advice on the most effective way to utilise my pedals before I fasten them to my board, if you'd be so kind!

I have:

Digitech Whammy
Boss DD 20 Giga delay
Maxon overdrive od 820
Dunlop Cry baby
Boss Noise suppressor
Boss chromatic tuner

Excuse my ignorance on the subject but I have never put together a board before and I know the delay has to used in an effects loop and so on.

Thanks for the help!
Yeah, I'd go Tuner > Wah > Whammy OD > Amp input > Amp FX Send > Noise Supressor > Delay > Amp FX return

That's assuming your using your amps gain and it's pretty noisey when your not playing. I use my ISP decimator this way, but a lot of people tend to stick it up front, in which case

Tuner > Wah > Whammy OD > Noise Supressor > Amp input > Amp FX Send > Delay > Amp FX return