Hey all, we have our new album soon to be released. We just put up our video to our single "Driven".

We are a melodic death metal band with a sound identified by fans as In Flames + Lamb Of God (or Lamb of God - In Flames )

Stop by our youtube channel to check out the video!

Sounds incredible, man. You guys are really tight and heavy as ****. The acoustic intro also proves what solid players you are. Vocals are VERY Lamb of God. Being a huge fan of them and In Flames, I really dig your stuff and I can't wait to hear more. Art looks extremely professional as well. Hope to see you guys go places.
Check out my band and see what you think!

Edit: Wait a minute, is that Schehf I see? That's funny, I've been a fan of your In Flames covers for the longest time. Keep up the excellent work! Great to finally hear originals from you.
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Hey man...thanks for the listen and glad you enjoyed the music.

This is a collab between me (James from Neologist) and Schehf...from his supreme reign of youtube In Flames covers haha. I'll pass on your words to him though. I'll defintiley swing by your page when I get home tonight....sounds interesting, and if your influences are any indication I'm sure its awesome.