For one of my modules, i can do basically anything i want, as long as it is tech based, and as long as it is approved by the lecturer. I was stuck for ideas for a little while, but my project was always going to be based around microphone techniques, and i finally came up with a plan:

1-First, as a control, i will mic up a drumkit fully, and record individual hits of each drum.

2-Using tubing, and foam, i will attempt to create natural reverb, for example, placing one end of the tube into the underside of a tom, then attaching the other end to the microphone, and seeing the results.

After this, i will possibly use some filters, and manipulate the sounds in Logic to create a song, the manipulation will not be heavy in terms of effects, apart from filters, and possibly EQ.

What i want to know is, would this tubing idea actually work? I am going to look into various resources to see if there is some kind of formula or rule of thumb when it comes to how long of a reverb i get. I just don't want to put all of my hope on this one idea and find out it just doesn't turn out how i thought it might.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.