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I seem to buy a lot of stuff most of the time but at the same time, it all adds up to, well, not THAT much money at all, to be honest. What's more, I probably haven't spent a penny (well, maybe like £2) for about 5 weeks, which is VERY rare for me. That also makes me happy because it makes me think I can probably buy quite a bit now... anybody else here like that? and anybody else dislike spending a lot of money all at once? OR do you hate buying a lot of stuff... but not really spending much AT ALL? this bugs me
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I spend a lot of money going to school.

And whenever I do manage to save up a couple hundred bucks I go out and buy something expensive. I'm horrible with money
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I hate buying stuff that isn't necessary. My outgoings last year (apart from food et al), totaled at about £5
I spend a ridiculous amount of money on myself. In the last year alone i spent probably around $20,000-$25,000 on non-essentials and bullshit
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There's not really much that I want or need so I don't really spend a ton of money aside from food and alcohol. It's nice that when there is a show I want to see or whatever that I have plenty of cash to do so.
I'm a bit of a saver when it comes to money, I spunked £130 on a flightcase for my amp last night though but that's the most I've spent in ages.

But I suppose it is only money and you may as well spend it now as you could be dead tomorrow.
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I have to like... buy food and stuff.
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I was terrible with money throughout uni... Going out, drinking, shopping... Easily spent far more than I should have.

Now though, I'm much better, just because I don't have any money spare!

I imagine when I start my new job, I'll go crazy with the first months pay - already planning on a new laptop and new phone. In fairness, both fairly necessary, but I'm sure I'll end up getting much more expensive ones than I need!
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I've spent £1500 last semester. £10 a day is a harder target to stick to than you might think. Living in the city means everything is overpriced.
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I'm in my last semester of uni and am broke since I have paid off my college so I only really buy food. Thank god I got a job when I graduate making a decent amount of money.
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I spend a ridiculous amount of money on myself. In the last year alone i spent probably around $20,000-$25,000 on non-essentials and bullshit

That's my freaking annual income, how can you manage to spend that much?
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Yes and no.

I'm not Hammer or Tyson retarded, but I do shop like a crazy mofo sometimes.

Taxes make up the bulk of my expenses though.
I spend literally days looking around the choices for something I want, until I'm confident I've found the absolute lowest price I can get it for. Then I question whether I actually really want it or not, and then end up convincing myself I don't want it and the money would be better saved.

I still end up broke
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That's my freaking annual income, how can you manage to spend that much?

by making more than that. i wish i hadnt spent that much, im going back to school in september and an extra $20,000 would have been really really nice
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I'm a saver, which is fortunate because I don't have any form of income at the moment.
I got a huge wake up call the other day when I got a pay statement from my place of employment. I spent $2200 from august to december alone. and its all been for miscellaneous crap. I've just started packing my own lunches and breakfast for when im on campus at school. going to get my netflix cut off at the end of this month. I need money for when I transfer next semester.
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Recently spent £175 on a bus ticket, £650 on a video camera body, plus £100 on memory cards/batteries. Seeing my balance diminished, dontfeelgoodman. Hopefully I'll earn it back doing video work for clients soon though.
I got paid from my last job at the end of last month and have made necessary purchases, so i have spent a lot over the past month or so. I think my biggest unnecessary outgoing is when i have a night out, and usually it is 30 quid at the most.

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I don't have that much money to begin with, but I try to make sure I don't spend too much. I spend money on lunch (like just now), but it's probably not necessary. Sometimes, I just can't stand cafeteria food.

I also spend a lot on Mt. Dew. Shit's like a drug. But I've been cutting back. It does help that my friend bought me a coffee maker over the holidays. Gotta love a good percolator!
I usually save money unless I see something which I want NOW. Like, I'm going to work all summer and won't spend a penny so I can buy a Jackson RR24. Did it last summer for my Marshall JVM410.
I spend too much on food which I don't really eat.
I go to the supermarket, buy lots lots of stuff, and the next day eat at the restaurants / my university cafe and that makes 70% of my outcome ;(
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I'm a student. I'm spending more money than I have.

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But a really large part of it is spent on other people, so it's OK.
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I somehow blew through ~$2500 my first few months at school. I have no idea how. Needless to say, I'm on a budget now.

I blew through my summer work money in like 2 months at school. Living on your own and having to eat every day sucks

I'd have to say that it's really mostly essentials too...
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doing a Ph.D and get paid to go to college. I spend a forture. Yay disposable income!

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I do two things: save up huge amounts of money and then use most of it on something expensive which I want, or I buy loads of CD's and other shit.
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Meh. I just bought a new Line 6 Pod HD500, because my old X3 broke after four years of overruse and abuse. I also can't work a lot while I'm in school, and have dipped into my savings.

I only buy something big every couple of months, but I have to eat and pay my bills as well as upkeep my car.

Student debt.
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In the past 12 months I've spent at least €15,000. I live at home, but have a car, and I didn't work all summer. The only job I had was from October to December, when my contract ended. I badly need a new job because my insurance and tax is up and my car badly needs work done. Oh, and college next year.
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I know I spent at least $500 or $600 on records last year. I spent about $1000 in a week when I got a new guitar, a model kit, three records, and some food back in November. Spent a few hundred more a few weeks later.

Then I got another record and ordered four more >.>

Haven't spent much money this year, mostly because I have none!
Arbitrary spending: about 1000 Norwegian kroner a month. £110-ish, but remember that this is Norway, the Land of ****ing Expensive Stuff.
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I just spent about a tenner on some PS2 games

I normally buy a book whenever I go into a charity shop.

I spend a lot of money, just not a significant amount of money.
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I'm a saver simply because I hate spending money.
However my bank statement shows that I spent over $2,000 in the past two months on stuff I didn't need. Plus all the money I spent on stuff I needed like gas for my truck. So I've cut myself off from buying anything unless I actually need it.
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