Over the weekend I pulled the trigger on a guitar I was looking at in November. Its been hanging in used section at my local GC. A 2007 Epi Sheraton II NA. I liked it when I saw it, I loved it when I played it, and it sent me on a search for a hollow or semi-hollow body. So last week I found an Ibanez AK85. A very nice full hollow indeed. But something sent me back to GC. It was still there hanging up at ceiling level. After looking and playing others for a while, I had it pulled down... then played it for 30 minutes. I decided I should have bought back in November. The wife wasn't pleased with me... but I had to do it! I even managed to haggle $45 off the $399 price (yes, you can haggle at GC... even on used gear).

After a complete cleaning and set-up... NICE! It's very clean, only 2 tiny blems that I can find, it polished up really well. Beautiful Maple grain all around, fully bound. Maple 5 piece neck with Rosewood fretboard, Abalone Vs inside MOP blocks. The action is great, the sound was amazing (think "Rock Around the Clock"). Nice beefy neck (reminded me of my Studio Deluxe 60s). Frets are in great shape, Grover tuners work well, electronics work fine and are crackle free. And did I mention the weight? Lighter than you would expect. It's missing a pick guard, which I will add later.

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Beautiful! HNGD!
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