I just made a band profile for on facebook and there isnt a mesage tab, or notifications or anything and I cant search to find people or anything like that. It is suppose to be this way?
They mean to take your information and sell it to all kinds of 3rd parties, so yeah, I guess it is supposed to be that way.
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Facebook is an abomination.
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i actually dont know, my band page was made by the bass player, he made me an administrator, everything seems to be there
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Make sure you're actually ON the page. My DJ page works perfectly fine.

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I believe you surrender some rights to your music when it's on Facebook. Be careful broseph.
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There's no message icon if you're signing in as a fan-page only account. There is a search bar, but you can't invite people from the page, you can only invite friends to your page using a personal account, as far as I know.
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Facebook is an abomination.

This statement is a tautology, because in Soviet Russia, an abomination is Facebook.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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