Hi, so im building a guitar for the first time--A Les Paul Jr. Double Cut with a bolt on neck--and Im really confused and lost when it come to installing the neck and routing the neck pocket etc. My confusion is all stemming from this one thing: Neck Angle. So with a Bolt on neck how do i achieve the proper neck angle? Do i somehow angle the neck pocket or the heel? Or do i carve a nice square flat pocket and shim? Ive read a bit about shimming but I dont really understand how to do it and it seems like it would reduce contact between the neck and body unfavorably.

Im also working with a Wraparound bridge and a Dogear P-90 pickup, and these being pretty non-standard components im having difficulty finding information on how these all work together. The P-90 sits pretty high out of the body compared to the average single coil so it seems necessary to raise the bridge higher... and this is where the whole need for a neck angle comes in and stresses me out
Angle the neck heel with a hand plane. Easiest way

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That doesnt sound very easy, or it sounds like if its not done just right then ive ruined my neck
The height of the pickup determines everything. P-90's aren't adjustable for height , but the poles can move. You don't need a shim.
Here's some numbers and information taken off my Gibson ES-135 with P-100 pickups which are inset, but not adjustable for height.
The neck's end is almost the same height as the front pickup is off of the body. So set the neck into the body so the neck's edge, not at the highest radius point, is just a bit higher than the top of the pickup. Pickup height is set at a line about half the fretboard thickness
String saddle height at the bridge is 3/4" above the body. That will give you the body's angle to the neck.
Easy peasy. Good luck.
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