Hi guys, not sure whether i'm on the right forum here but anyway i have a little dilemma;

I'm in punk rock band & we're not doing too badly- we formed about 5 months ago & are starting to write our own music but our drummer is starting to really piss me off: He drums WAY too loudly & simply won't contribute to songwriting in any way, and often forgets any drum parts to our songs :L

I tried to tell him 2 quiten the **** down & he simply replied "i don't have a volume knob" he knows he's a loud drummer and is proud of it & i'm starting to get to the point where i wear headphones whilst rehearsing because all the amps have to be on full volume

Any help please??
i'm using a Peavey Vypyr 15 on almost full volume, not quite full though & he got rid of his electric a couple of months ago :L I'll talk to him but he's pretty valuable because he's got amps (no idea why) at his house aswell as drum kit so we never have 2 spend money on like rehearsing in a studio or anything :L
That's the way drummers are, it's to compensate on the guitarists stealing the show. But just tell him to learn his parts better and not to hit it that hard. Our drummer can be pretty loud as well, but I get used to it, and when he really smacks his cymbals hard I just shout him to calm down and mute his cymbal. Can't do much more...

On rehearsals, the drums are always the loudest. Unless you're rehearsing madison square garden or something...
I know what this is like. nothing was ever done about it though. We are no longer together as band anymore but that's for other reasons not because of the drumming. that would be a lame excuse.
i'm both guitarist and drummer... and believe me, playing a lower volume is not only dependant on the style he is playing... a drum is just a loud instrument...

As for your amp... a 15 watt can hardly go over a drum!

So, go bigger with the amps?
Drum drum drum away!
Your amp sucks. I always wear earplugs at practice and shows. Not his fault.

What sort of advice were you even looking for?
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This should be in bandleading.

Also who are all these people?!
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Big hitting drummers are the best. Atom Williard would like a word with you.
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Also who are all these people?!

Whenever a thread is on the front page of the site, everyone pours in, even if it's a specific topic. Like if someone were to make a new Converge thread in hardcore and it wound up on the front page, people who only listen to Classic Rock would come in to voice "How much this sucks" without regarding what forum.
Tape cloth and shit to the drums. It won't sound as good but it'll dampen the sound a little. Maybe even make him use brushes, but that isn't ideal. And get a new amp when you can.

Really though if it's practice, he should just quiet the **** down. I h8 loud drummerz.
This thread is amazing.

My drummer is too loud
What kind of amp do you have
Something that can fit inside my pocket

well uihhh...?
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This came up when I googled: How loud can drums be. Sorry if I'm lifting a dead thread but I'm sure more people will run into the same situation.

Here is my little piece of feedback based on what I know:
1.- I started as a guitar player and played for about 14 years.
2.- I play drums now and I feel is my instrument.

You must understand drums tend to be a loud instrument.
Like this guy I have been asked to play at lower volumes by other people. In this case the people that asked were not really that used to playing with a drummer.
I did try to play as low as I could but people still got bothered sometimes because they don't understand the mechanics or dynamics of drums. You need bounce to get speed and that requires lifting your sticks to a certain level.
On of the reasons why I played so loud wasn't to try to steal the show from the guitarist but it was influenced by how loud his amp was, (100 W amp). Like the drummer in another thread I was literally deafened by his amp and had to tell him to keep it low multiple times.
So in a normal situation I would reccommend this: start by playing as low as possible and see how that goes, it would make him stand out and naturally and progressively play lower. Make sure you do it gradually so is almost unnoticeable. That is manipulative so you can also jus do it in a way that is noticeable and when he stands out he'll notice.
Also remember what YOU hear is NOT what your drummer hears when he's sitting behind the drums. That's why it's important to keep the volume low.
So, instead of trying to overpower him, try the opposite.

The problem is... YOU ARE IN A PUNK BAND MAN.....Is supposed to be loud and that's probably what your drummer is thinking.

Perhaps the advice on this thread will help make things better?

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