***Selling all my boutique pedals cause i play with headphone with a multi effect in my bedroom ( i cant crank an amp so i dont use the pedals ) . and im thining about setting studio monitors with amp simulation . i will use that money to buy guitar instead of having pedals i cant use in my drawer . i shipped worldwide . pric eincluded shipping to canada/u.s

MJM Phantom overdrive . 110 $ shipped ( they sell for 175 $ ) : Probably one of the best Tubescreamer clone available with a switch to extra gain and tighter sound . Read about it on youtube and review . in perfect condition ,


Mi Audio crunch box 90 $ shipped to u.s /canada

marshall jcm in a box . great sounding pedal dunno whats version it is .. it has the internal switch date: 8/1/09 if it can help :

r3fx dual resistafier ( mesa boogie dual rectifier in a box ) : R3fx is a boutique builder of pedal and amp modification . great pedal sound really close to a mesa .

this pedal sell for 250 $

im asking 130 $ shipped .

picture coming soon . its white with Green knob
Bedroom rock star :

- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim