I'm looking to audition for one of the Music Universities in my area, and the Audition Requirements states that I have to play two songs, either Rock, Pop, or Jazz. They can be no longer than a minute each so I will have to shorten the songs a bit. The problem I have is I listen to Punk, Ska, Deathcore, Metalcore, and pretty much genres that aren't those three. I don't know any good songs I could use to audition, so I was hoping the guys here at UG could help me pick a couple good songs. Preferably from two out of the three genres.
Try some AC/DC for rock? But the 'no longer than a minute' part is really strange, hell pick thunderstruck and play the main riff for a minute trolololo..


You could also try some Lenny Kravitz ( Are you gonna go my way, always on the run)

This song could fit in somewhere between Rock-Pop, Give In To me by Michael Jackson.


Not sure about pop.... I've always wanted to learn 'Kiss from a rose' by Seal. The vocal part transcribed to guitar should sound very good.


All of them youd have to cut-down, rearange, but that should not be a problem since all songs have that 'structure' of parts repeating itself 2-3 times over and over.

Jazz on the other hand... well... i think its a very broad style... and i think its chords chords and chords all the way. Its the type of music you have to "understand" or it might end up sounding like a pile of dog poopies.

F*ck the one minute part, learn this.

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That no longer than a minute thing really kinda sucks... I don't know any songs in those 3 genres that could be taken down to 1 minutes time and still sound good...
I think they are looking for something like Dee from RR. Try that or something like midsummers daydream from Rik Emmit and Triumph.