I just bought a 2x12 vertical zilla cab (which is like a british version of an avatar) and I want to use it with my Mesa Simul Class 395 power amp .Im thinking about putting a swamp thang in it and possibly the governor or the manowar.The guy who sold it to me said I shouldn't put a swamp thang in it cause the power amp might blow it , Im not sure why he said that but my question is this... Do I have to be careful as to what speakers I put in the zilla cab while using it with my mesa simul 395 or can I pretty much put anything in there? what are the rules regarding this?
as long as your speakers are a high enough wattage and the ohms match you can use any speaker with your amp. id tell you the coversions for 2 speakers but i cant remember them of the top of my head.
great, good to know
is it ok to mix different brands of speakers?
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yeah thats fine as long as you follow the 2 basic rules of getting a wattage speaker or speakers higher than your amps output so they dont blow and matching the ohms you can combine whatever you like.
Well, cripes, I didn't even know this amp existed until this thread. I'm on a quest to own 1 of every rack amp Mesa ever built.

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Ya I bought the simul class 395 on ebay for 300... got an amazing deal.
So I should be ok if the speakers are 8 ohms and the power amp output is 8 ohms.Thanks guys.