So I'm not a big fan of adding more midrange to my sound but love how the boost fattens the sound. I was thinking about putting in the Emg afterburner to replace the Clapton midrange boost on my Clapton Strat. It has the Vintage Noiseless active single pups. Any thoughts or experiences?
Mids = fatness.

Ergo you like mids.
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I I had a Clapton Strat I'd probably leave it stock. I've got a Eric Johnson Strat, and it's staying the way it is.
I was told that no permanent mod is needed to swap so if i dont like it then the midboost will go back in
Why do you want to replace the midboost circuit? I guess I dont understand that part.

EDIT: I understand what the Afterburner is, but the fat sound you described is from the Mid Boost.

Its your guitar, its completely reversible, if you want to... go for it.
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