This question's a bit silly, but my bass is an "Olympic" white Squier Vintage Modified P Bass, with a black pick guard. I was thinking of making a bit of a cosmetic change to it though, by giving it a bit of a yin yang vibe. Alright, so my question is, in your opinion, do you think I should just put a white dot on the black pick guard and a black dot on the white of the bass itself, or just stick a yin yang sticker/decal type of thing on there somewhere?
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I think the yin yang sticker itself would make sense. A random dot would make it harder to understand.

I would maybe do polka dots all over. Or those binder paper stickers for repairs.
you could go crazy and try something like this

But that may be overkill

EDIT: I have no idea how to fix the picture sorry. Just open in a new tag I guess. Sorry.
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Maybe I could just take off the pick guard and paint a big yin yang on it?
The truth of all predictions is always in your hands
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on the bass or pickguard?

On the bass itself.
The truth of all predictions is always in your hands
The entire web of wires and pots and input is attached to it you know?

That's a nice bass to go and destroy for a peaceful yin yang. Might prefer getting a $40-$70 used affinity p bass. Otherwise. Get the pickguard spray paint half white, leaving a dot. Then cover the opposite side the bass in electrical tape.