Hey guys, I'm SUPER excited to announce that I got my Axe FX II today and I am BLOWN away. I went from a Mesa Mark V to this and honestly it FEELS the same (to me ) I'm still learning how to make patches, and I was fooling around with a rectifier patch and I thought to myself "hmmm this sounds like journey" so I got out my camera real quick and did a take of Don't Stop Believin' Solo, a fun song I used to play with my old band!

Check it out I hope you enjoy! If for some reason anyone wants the patch, let me know! I'm a Fractal n00b so theres probably TONS of room for improvement tone wise. Also sorry about the bends at the end being a LITTLE out of tune, they're a pain haha.


And C4C as always!!!!!

Don't Stop Believin' Solo Cover Axe FX II
wow thats a nice tone! when i save up the cash i'll be getting a fractal as well. i suscribed to your channel since you got similar tastes in music as me and your covers are pretty good too.
Thanks a lot for your comment man!

Well, what can I say for your cover, I don't believe that you have any issues with playing this, it sounded awesome to me, and the tone... It is really, really good for me. Its like listening to a studio version. But I am sure you are able to improve this to a even better thing. Awesome again!

And I gave a like to your video too!
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woah, that was awesome! short but to the point. and don't worry about the last bends - you covered it up nicely .. i wouldn't even have noticed!

but i got one question: .. what's a Fractal?


Thanks Czily!!! Fractal Audio is the company that makes the Axe FX II, the worlds most advanced multi effects processor