Im going snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain this weekend and I dont feel like paying for a lift ticket. What are the consequences for getting caught without one?
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Not riding the Ski Lift.

Seriously, it's worth it.

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Ski-ing is better by the way.

You can ski/snowboard without a ticket, the only downside is that you have to hike up the mountain everytime you come down. :/
They can arrest you if they feel like it, but most likely they'll just think you're a ****ing idiot and throw you out.

If you're gonna do it though I guess I'll give ya some tips...
Way 1.
-Hike up to a midmountain chair, they don't check tickets at any midmountain lifts.
-Don't go to base at all, or else you'll be hiking back up to midmountain.

Way 2.
Get at least 2 other friends to pay for tickets or if they have passes this'll work too.
-Have your 2 friends go to midmountain. Have friend B give friend A their pass/ticket.
-Have friend A come down to base alone while friend B waits at midmountain.
-Have friend A give you friend B's ticket/pass.
-Once you're up at midmountain don't go to base again or you'll repeat the process again.

Just make sure you either look similar to the friend whose pass you're using (i.e. same gender/ general age.) Or cover up completely so they can't see your face. Then also remember the friend's birthday because that's a question they might ask you if they're suspicious.
If you get caught with someone else's pass they'll take it and throw it away though, and then your friend will hate you... so don't get caught...
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