I need a pedalboard. Plain and simple.

I've been looking at the Badaax pedalboard, but I honestly cannot find the dimensions anywhere. It says it can hold up to 12, but it doesn't look that big in the pictures. So that confused me.

What's a good pedalboard for 2 Crybaby-sized "tall" pedals, 2 standard sized stompboxes, and a Metal Muff ?

Doesn't matter if it is powered or not.
IKEA Gorm shelf. Pic related.

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I'd go with a Pedaltrain PT1 if it was me. You'll likely want to expand your collection and this will give you some room if needed. There's a cool site called pedalboardplanner.com and it might help with your selection - here's a look at a mock-up PT1 with your specs:

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That GORM board looks so clean and neat compared to mine.
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That GORM board looks so clean and neat compared to mine.

This haha Mine is a mess.
I just ordered one of these of thomann for £50.

Originally i had taken the lid off a guitar case, removed the foam and painted the inside black + velcro, worked pretty well.
I have a very nice GORM board. Not quite as nice as the orange one, though, and I still need to file down some of the screws/nails to stop getting poked by them. Make sure you spray paint it, it covers the crappiness of the wood.
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