so i've been learning welcome home sanatarium by metallica and the main riff it never fails that sometimes i will miss a string on this riff,

are there any excercises that i can do to get better at not missing a string? thanks!
lol string skipping does require practice, another similar exercise would be on Pantera's "Hollow" right before the crazy last part, there is a clean arpeggio thing like that
I remembered when I tried to learn that I had trouble with that riff before too :O ! ... until I saw a guy in youtube picking each string with an individual motion, and did that for a while... saw more videos and most of them had that smooth single motion.. I realized i was inefficient, tried copying them, and forced myself to play slow many times till i could do it easily (like what Supersac says)...

Try that out, it gets your technique a way better workout and you makes your right hand well rounded for anything you throw at it with the left hand than any song i know.

If you do those everyday any string skipping on any song becomes incredibly easy.. (start on one string skipping for the time being and keep practicing your string crossing on adjacent strings)

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Try Freepower's "Betcha Can't Pick This" exercises, they're very good. His second one has a lot of string skipping and will generally help your overall picking technique. If I were you I'd watch the whole video, but if you're impatient, go from 3:54..

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