I know lots of us here are totes into Attack on Memory right now, so here's a thread. Personally, I'm starting to appreciate the parts of the album I previously disliked (long instrumental detours on some songs, especially the second track). I'm really hoping to catch them in March when they come to Seattle.

But yeah, there's some major emo worship going on throughout this new LP, so check it out if you haven't.

No Future/No Past

I like the album a lot. First new music of 2012 for me!
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Band rules. Attack on Memory was a great release.
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Only album i really liked so far this year. good band.

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Attack on Memory is pretty good. Doesn't really do anything profound for me, but if I feel like being angsty and 13 but not listen to bands I listened to when I was angsty and 13, it's a pretty good record.
A friend of mine recommended attack on memory to me a so I gave it a listen...wow!

It's pretty much a perfect mix of some of my favourite genres, it's punk for sure but it has an indie/the cure-ish vibe in places and whilst it has tad of emo in places, it still isn't wussy as those drums and guitars just scream out the speakers!
Since nobody's mentioned it yet, new album is due out sometime late this year. I doubt it'll be as great as Attack on Memory, but it's still one of my most anticipated releases of 2013.