Hi all,
Do you have any special song which keeps repeating in your mind all the time? Well, these days my mind is really trapped with the song “Somebody's me” by Enrique Iglesias. It’s not my personal experience but I am madly loved with the amazing and beautiful lyrics which are composed of this song and I love to listen to this.
Do you have any special songs? Please share your favorites on this relevant thread!
Thank you,
My haunter is R.E.M - Losing My Religion.
Seriously, a couple months back I heard it playing in a store and couldn't stop singing it for a week. And this happens everytime, even to the point that a pretty cool song becomes of the annoyance as the likes of "Friday" and Spotify Ads. So, these days if it pops up while my Spotify is on "random", I franticly rush to my computer and change song, desperately trying to think of mysteries rainbows and foxy ladies to hinder this plague of infecting my brain again, as it has done so many many times.
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