Hey guys,

I recently lost my piano scales and arpeggio book with all the fingering etc. I went to my local music shop but it's so small it doesn't even have one, it just had lots of arrangements of japanese folk songs. . . I looked a bit online but all the pdf sites i look at bring up stuff from my antivirus saying it might be infected. same with downloadable ones.

tldr: is there any safe free site with pdf piano scales and arpeggio fingerings?

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You could probably find some old pinao treatises on imslp.


this is completely unrelated to this thread, but holy shit, imslp is such a cool resource that i wanted to personally thank you for introducing me to this, Mr GriffRG7321.

OP, have you checked Amazon? It's probably a good idea if you're looking for that particular one.
Czerny maybe?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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