possibly with a thinner sounding tone...................................

Hi there, I have a Epiphone SG with "9" strings on it and the chance to obtain a new budget guitar has arisen as my girlfriend wants a guitar too. She likes the light body of the SG and I am wondering what budget electric to buy next ?

I would quite like a whammy bar but am aware this could potentially cause tuning problems on a cheap model. I aspire to Ed Wynne's guitar sound from Ozric Tentacles and like that kind of thin space sound. (of course down to incredible skill and also excellent effects/studio production)

Does the actual guitar make a much difference to the thinness of tone, or is that predominantly tone controls and string gauge?

Any tips on a good < = £150.00 axe would also be most welcome.

Thank you.

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Any Squire Strat with a tremolo and single coils would be perfect. Try one out.
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Gould make some guitars in that price range which are great for the money. I have two.
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Many thanks for the replies and suggestions and for those not familiar with Ed Wynnes work in the Band Ozric Tentacles here is an example track, nice soloing from 04:00 :

Track is 11 mins + worth the listen IMO if you have a little time : )


Also here at 01:46.... nice


He's not that well known relative to many lesser guitarists I hope it introduces someone new to Ozrics.
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