Hy guys this is another one of my original songs. http://soundcloud.com/danlarsen/mirage-demo I'm just looking for some critique, where the mix falls flat, where the parts don't run together well and so forth. I'm only 16 so I know I have a lot left to learn . Also if you like it, a 'like' on Facebook would be nice too (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Letters-Experiment/161861507226513). and of course I will return the favour for all crits

I'm writing this as I'm listening to the song. First thing I notice is that the intro is hard panned to the left, personally, I'd go like 80/20 or 70/30. Also I notice the first bass note seems to be slightly off. Sounds like it's not exactly timed right. Drums sound good, though the snare might be a bit too dominant compared to the kick.

I love the clean part at 0:40 and really like the way you start the part at 1:15. The lead parts you play in this section sound really good too. The drumbeat at 3:00 is solid and makes for a nice change and buildup to the section at 3:20. The change to the part at 4:26 sounds a bit too sudden to me. Perhaps you could try fading out the distorted guitars as you come into this section. Same goes for the ending, it just feels a bit too sudden.

Overall I really like this song and the ideas you've put in it. The production is good and it keeps my attention. Well done
Cheers for the comment champo!

I feel like this tune is hard to critique since I don't really get a feel for exactly what you're aiming at. Is this a single? Is this an album track? Is it a standard pop rock song? Lack of vocals could be responsible for my confusion and they may tie it all together, but we haven't got them so I'll go off what you have here. Apart from the intro what feels just a little sloppy, the rest is all fine. It's a solid piece. What I'm lacking here is flair. What is going to make this piece stand out against all the rest? Again, that's why I bring up what do you want out of this song. In terms of how it's played, all good my man.. and all the opportunities for tightening up the mix are irrelevant. I'd like to hear it again with vocals, unless it's supposed to be an instrumental to which I'd say I wasn't hooked in. That doesn't mean it's bad etc.. I'm just looking for the thing that's going to make me hit the replay button
Clean guitar is too quiet. I like the guitar tone actually. chugging guitar in quiet part is a little too thin.turn down snare. if there are to be no vocals you def need more layers with stuff going on. 3:25 is really good and spacy. sorry to be so critical im just pointing things out.
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