I posted this in the chat thread but nobody commented. Judging by the speed of this section of the forum, I doubt anybody will comment on this, either. I can try, though.

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I'd call myself a beginner - intermediate classical guitarist and I'm looking for some songs to play in various fingerstyle genres. Classical, folk, flamenco, whatever you've got for me. For the record, I'm slowly learning this:


I tackled Minuet by JS Bach in a day and I'm working on perfecting Bourree.

I recently performed these for a university audition and I passed, you you could say I can play them pretty well:


Any suggestions around those skill levels would be great. I'd be open to learning some early 1900's folk/blues style stuff, too. I tried to learn Freight Train by Elizabeth Cotton but there was on technique I couldn't get my head around so I gave up..

I found these a few hours after posting in the chat thread and got them down pretty easily. Obviously it takes a while to perfect anything, and I haven't exactly had a while yet so they're still sloppy, and not memorised at all, but I got the technique down pretty quick.


Don't know why I felt the need to mention that, but I suppose it could be used as another reference to gauge my skill level.
Senhorinha by Guinga, its only a grade 5/6 standard piece, but its relaxing and mellow to play
Haha no way - Im currently working on the very same tune. Its my first ever classical piece though (currently tackling the B section and it is a bitch), but Im hoping to get more into the genre, and fingerstyle in general so this thread is relevant to my interests.
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