Hello guys, ive been playing guitar for almost 5-6 years now.
But im not that good lol xD anyway i need your help
I am a guitarist for my band called Invictus Yeah
and we play rock/alternative stuff like Angels n Airwaves, Fall Out boy
and stuff like that..
I was just wondering which guitar to get
i own a MIM Stratocaster 2007 with Dimarzio fasttrack on neck
I use HNK Tubeman n DD3
Then i saw a telecaster at a shop and fell in love with it..
by the way i live in Indonesia so the prices are higher than US or UK..
anyway which should i get ??
i need ur help !! Thanks

American Special Telecaster $997

60th Anniversary Telecaster MIM $528

PS: I apologize if i posted this thread at the wrong section

im really sorry i do not know how to make spoilerss
I own a 2007 Fender Stratocaster Mexico, 2 Cort Acoustics and an Epiphone SG
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I can't speak for the tonal difference between the two. The MIM will be a little better than the average MIM, still not quite as nice as the American. The thing I'd lend most consideration is the fact that they only made the 60th for one year's production and it will likely hold its value better than the typical MIM Tele. And for half the price of the American ..... I believe the American has Texas Special pick ups, while the MIM 60th has Tex-Mex pick ups