Hey man, thanks for the comment!

Woah, I didn't expect for a second to hear something so well produced! Literally, as far as I'm concerned everything sits into the mix amazingly, and it sounds very crisp and professional. I'm not particularly into metal, so as far as the song-writing aspect goes I'm no expert, but to me it sounds pretty damn good!

Honestly, the only difference I would like to see is this with vocals, it would be quality!
Hi Vica!
I like the airplane intro, it fits well with the intro.
The first riff is real good, heavy stuff her. Like the notes played. The riff played after is good as well, i like those bends. And the bass there sounds cool. That transition of 4 notes adds a nice touch to it. Some simple riffs here, but effective. The part which I think is the chorus, with all the crash and whatnot, it sounds pretty good but I think more can be done with it I'm just not sure exactly what could be done. I really enjoyed the part where you play the intro riff but spice it up, real good job on that! The riff with all the high notes is epic! That was an excellent way to end the song. Overall dude I really enjoyed this track. It's well produced too, may I ask what you use to record and mix?

If you want to c4c, here's a link to a song I re-recorded:

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Hey Touke. I appreciate the comments. Thanks man means a lot!

As far as recording is concerned, I used Reaper to track guitars and bass. I used an Axe FX 2 for both guitar and bass sounds and superior drummer 2 for the drums. Other than that I used the Ozone 4.0 plugin to add final effects to the mix.
Dude by the way, how did you manage cymbal catches on Superior Drummer?
Im not sure what a cymbal catch is but I think you mean choke. If its the same, then I hit another midi note for the cymbal at the spot where I wanted the choke but decreased its velocity to zero. That way its stops the cymbal from ringing.