Got a few things here, interested in trades/cash. If nothing takes my fancy these will hit EvilBay! Posted here first because of paypal/listing fees.

1. Jet City JCA50H valve head

50 watts
2 Channel - Normal/Overdrive
Global EQ w/ master presence

more info found here

Had this amp for about 2 months now and finally decided it's not for me. Awesome clean and dirt tones, tubes have had about 25 hours max on them but I can't justify something I'll use once a month if that. Item is not boxed but manual and footswitch is included. Happier to courier, delivery prices tbc and happy for collection/try. UK ONLY (Cornwall, TR9) There's vids all over youtube of this monster.

Price; Offer, I know what it's worth and I do have a set price in mind. Closest one...

2. Aria FL-5 Flanger Pedal

Rate, Depth and 2 Feedback knobs
Stereo Output
Made In Japan

Warm sounding classic flanger. Pretty straight forward pedal - have no use for it. There's 3-4 trimpots on the board inside to tweak the effect to your liking. Pretty cool but not played with it much. Runs off 9v or DC+9v adaptor (neither included). Good condition for a vintage pedal. No box or manual.

Price; £30 posted.

Vid demo (not me)
Stock Picture

3. Pearl SU-19 Stereo Noise gate

2 inputs, 2 outputs.
Threshold/Decay controls

Good working condition but missing paint flecks on body. But, what do you expect from vintage pedal? Pearl (yes, the drum company!) had a range of pedals out in the 80s/90s. This is the noise gate. There's a few internal trimpots to change the threshold/decay limits. Not played with them though. Not needed as my Rocktron does the job just fine. Bit of an impulse buy tbh. No box or manual. Runs on a 9V battery or adaptor.

Stock Pic

Price; £40 posted

4. Ken Multi Parametric EQ

Level, Freq, Width and Gain controls

Awesome for shaping tone or boosting an amp. I only used this as a clean boost on the Jet City but was also nice for a sweet spot/solo eq setting on my Randall. It appears to be a rebranded Aria EQ pedal. Boxed, no manual. Runs on a 9V battery or adaptor

Stock Pic

Price; £40 posted

Could have a Marshall Drivemaster, Digitech Whammy 4 and a Jim Dunlop GCB-95O Octave Fuzz Wah FS/T too. PM for more details!

Trades: Randall V2/T2/X2/Warhead or pedals + cash. No harm in asking, show me what you got!

(92) 100% positive feedback on Ebay, more info PM.
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I wish I had a 50 instead of a 100, I feel like the 100 would drown out the entire band once I got it cranked to sound its best. These are real sensitive to the tubes you're running in it, the stock Chinese ones REALLY hold that amp back and they sound entirely different with a decent tube swap. Good luck selling though!
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Don't get me wrong the amp is awesome. Just not for me, I can't get the amp cranked regularly like it should and I have my eyes on something else. As a whole I was impressed with the Jet City range, just not my flavour.
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Willing to cut deals for UG members. Last chance before eBay!

Shipping updates for the Jet City; I can get it couried to you for £10-15. Royal mail wanted £25-45 depending on your insurance needs.... yeah right!
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Is the flanger still available?
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Aria flanger is gone.

I'd say there's about 4 days 'til the noise gate and the Jet City are gone. I'd rather sell it on here, that way a certain online auction site won't take a huge cut.
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