nearly have my 1st song down...just some small things that i cant recognise as my guitar listening aint as good you guys...

in the intro and the chorus is it 2 open A,s or 3 Open A's before the power chords...its really annoying me as some tabs and lessons say 2 others say 3 and my listening skills aint that good yet'iv listened to it hundreds of times!!

also for the slides in the intro.i can do them but they dont sound exactly right anybody have any ideas as to where the slides start and finish?

thanks UG community!


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There's definitely only 2 open As in the intro, as for the slides I doubt very much that even Mick Mars could tell you exactly where they start, it's not the kind of thing that you'll think about much when playing.
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ok thank you very much...any ideas on the chorus?if the intro has 2 then im guessing the chorus follows suit as its just the intro speeded up with no slides