so i was thinking about getting a baritone guitar to add some low end to the music I'm writing but i wondered, can you tune a baritone guitar to standard as well? or just to the lower tunings that it was made for?
you certainly can, but your strings will have to be pretty damn thin. unless you're using a "semi-baritone" like the ibanez RGD series, you're better off sticking to A-C standard or their dropped equivalents.
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you can but you'd have to get pretty thin strings and set it up. it kind of defeats the point of having a baritone though
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Most (modern) guitars with extended scales have necks reinforced with graphite rods so that you can play in higher than intended tunings without bowing and warping. But you’d better have strong hands.

it kind of defeats the point of having a baritone though

Yeah, but it’s great for tall guys with long fingers. Like Buckethead.
I've done baritone on my good ol' six string, and it works fine.
However, if you want one guitar to play both baritone and standard, that's not gonna work out. In that case, get a seven string, or get 2 guitars.
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