Hey all... I'm in need of a new guitar and after scouring the web for a week this is what I came up with. My play style is primarily progressive metal so a nice lead like Scale the Summit is obligatory. Here is what I came up with:


with a

BKR PAINKILLER in the bridge and a

LUNDGREN M7 in the neck.

does this look good for my style of play!? I'm mostly going on hearsay and samples here because I have no way in hell of testing either of the above in real life.

lundgren m7 in the neck is a bad idea - it was designed as a bridge pup for a reason, just get a calibrated set of bkp painkillers; and the guitar is a solid choice
or equally consider a set of dimarzios - one of the guys in scale the summit uses the music man petrucci BFR 7 which has the crunchlab/liquifire combo
The 1527 is a fantastic guitar, and yeah you don't really need to go as far as Bareknuckles and Lundgrens to get a great sound (although you can if you want). But yeah a set of DiMarzios like the Crunch Lab/Liquifire or D-Sonic/Air Norton will be fantastic.
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