Well, my guitar is a cheap one.
But until now I had no problems and it sounds okay.

It is now almost 1 year old and gets out of tune ~every 3 songs I play.
I only bought this guitar to record my own stuff, since I am originally a bass player, so I really need to get rid of this problem.
I also have an annoying ringing on the 4th string which causes every note on it to sound wrong. I don't know why.

I already got it set up at a music store and it's intonation and string tension is super, so I think the cheap bridge and tuners are the problem, could that be?

So the plan is to replace the bridge and the tuners. What brands can you recommend and do you think it's worth it? Or how else could I eliminate this problem?

Cheers and thanks in advance!
I'd recommend looking at locking tuners. I've always had good sucess with the brand Gotoh; they aren't the cheapest, but you're really getting what you pay for IMO. I'm less familiar with bridges though, so I'll refrain from accidentally steering you wrong.
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With a toneloc bridge and tailpiece you shouldn't need to change either. Those are great. Tuners don't seem to be the usual Grovers so they COULD be bad. But it's less likely. You strange sounds is probably fret buzz. Either a saddle is low or a fret is low. Depending on where on the fret board it happens.
As Chozodragon asks, when did you last change the strings?
The one thing I keep seeing as a big cause of this problem is strings at the nut. If you had it set up right then the tech should have made sure the slots are wide enough for your desired string gauge. But when you tune be sure to drop the string a bit flat and then tune up to the note. Don't just drop a sharp note to pitch. It can often get stuck in the nut and then as you strum the tension relieves. You can also try rubbing some pencil lead into the nut slot for lubrication.

Thats about all I got.
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Intonation and neck adjustment is important. Then you'll have to look at strings. I think it's time for a new guitar yet, or you gotta modify that. But i don't think it is worth that. I'd go for epiphone les paul standard, or either some jackson, Ibanez or other stuff.
The strings were changed when I got the guitar set up, that is about 3 months ago.
I had my guitar set up with new strings, because I wanted to change the tuning from E-standard to B-standard. Current strings are D'addario's with the thickest string being .65, recommended by the shop assistant.

@inkandlead: I thought the tech did a good job, because right after I got it set up, everything was allright, just about 2 weeks or so it gets constantly out of tune.

Already a new guitar would be crap. It is not even 1 year old.
Should have bought a higher quality one right off the start...

€dit: So I should try new strings first.
Okay thanks again.
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And the tech set it up for B standard? If not then that is a major factor.
3 months is quite a while for strings. If you're playing every day then they should've been changed at least 3 times by now. The conditions you keep it in are also a factor. Humidity, temperature, etc.

The new tuning and stringing methods discussed should help a bit. No reason you should need a new guitar.
Yes, he did.
I will be back, if the problem persists after I put new strings on.
Also the stringing method sounds interesting.

Thanks guys.