So I'm looking for a reverb pedal and these two are my main options right now. Recently I've been more and more fascinated by RE-20, but I can't decide between those two. I know that RE-20 also has a delay, but I already have TC Electronic Flashback, so that wouldn't be so necessary. The main problem is that I've only read reviews and listened to sound samples from both pedals and I have no opportunity to test either one of them. I've also been considering the option of buying both of them, because in a long view money isn't really a problem. Of course I would have more sound options then, but would I have any real advantage with Flashback, Hall of Fame and RE-20 all on my board? So, now I need some wise advice from people with more experience with these pedals any opinions? And please, don't give me any other alternatives, I'm confused enough already
The RE-20 is more of a delay than a reverb. There are better alternatives though...

Where are you located?
What type of music are you playing?
Current gear?
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I got my Hall of Fame quite recently (thanks in part to a lil $100 giveaway from PGS), and i love it!
Really versatile, for either filling out your sound a bit, or going all out ambient, then the toneprint thing takes it to a new level of versatility! And you can even change toneprint via the ipod/android app, which is really sweet. The stereo in/out is also cool i'm sure, but i haven't had the chance to try it out yet.

I would definitely say to go for it over the Boss, which is more of a delay from what i know. The HoF is also a hell of a lot smaller!