I'm looking for some nice, non ear bud, headphones for around that price. I've heard a lot of good things about Sennheisers. Does the pit have any suggestions for headphones? I'm open to anything within the price range.

(btw i searchbarred headphones and only got a few things on studio headphones which is not what I'm looking for.)
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Get some bluetooth ones that you can use while you're mowing the lawn.

mowing the lawn happens to be on a long list of things I never do.
I have a pair of Sennheiser HD203's that I really enjoy. I find them comfortable and they sound great to my ears. I think they're about $50 too.
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If you can get ~$30 more, go for a pair of GRado SR60s. They're the best damn headphones you can get in that price range. I've yet to see a bad review for them. Audio Technica makes some great sets in this price range too, so I'd check them out as well. The ATH ones are excellent.

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