Hey guys, I'm a guitarist and I Want to get into drums to help improve my sense of rhythm for some really tough rhythms.
I know I won't get good at drums overnight, I have a real nice drum set my step dad likes to play on. ( he's a okay drummer he's only been playing for a year and a half now, but since he already a professional keyboardist for 20 years it helps him)
But hes not a very good teacher,
What are some good free basic lessons into drums.
IM into metal btw

like Meshuggah, After The burial, Periphery, Lamb of god, Black Dahlia murder, animals as leaders,

you get the point.

I can do a couple basic beats, but nothing really that great.

any pointers?
Start with some good ole AC/DC. Thats always pretty easy.
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OK! I've been able to play drums for about. . . .2 years now and im pretty alright.
What you want to start of with is a Basic Beat. A Basic Beat involves the Bass drum, Snare and High Hat. Here is some basic Drum tab for a basic beat: (Or something like it)


Basically you want to keep your right hand at a constant speed on the high hat as you hit the other drums. This basic basic beat is the best way to start as its used in most genres of metal.

those bands you posted are very difficult to play as a beginner due to their strange timings, fast rolls and Double Kicking. if i were you i would start with AC/DC or some other kind of old school rock, as they are mainly Basic Beats. Just listen to the drums and try and pick up the timing and what drums are being hit.

From AC/DC i would move onto something like Green Day, because its (usually) a straight beat with fills. Again, Use your ear.

From their, if your getting good and you have access to a Double bass drum, i would start with Metallica or something, because its a simple beat with some Double Bass Kicking, after which you can move on to your other bands.

I will warn you, this will take a lot of time and practice, but it you stick with it, its great fun and then if your drummer doesnt turn up for a gig, you can play for him

Hope that Helps
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This website has quite a lot of useful information, it's a good starting point for learning drums.
Came here just to post this. I back this.

Also TS if you want to even consider playing music like the bands you mentioned anytime kinda soon, you're going to have to spend a lot of time working on getting better and take drums very seriously.
Definitely, it will take years of hard practice to be able to play Meshuggah, but if you stick with it and work hard it is definitely possible
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You won't get that kind of black metal status very quickly at all. As stated, AC/DC.
I actually bought Rock Band 3 with the cymbal attachments. It's actually a really good way to train if your just starting out. Use the in-game lessons.
For reference, learning to play metal with confidence and expertise in a pretty short amount of time (ie. one year) is not impossible-- I've done it, but I also worked ceaselessly to practice the stuff necessary to do so, and also to develop the knowledge necessary to be able to know what to practice. Make of that what you will.

But yeah. Play along to AC/DC. Work on rudiments with a pad and a metronome. Do some basic beats and independence exercises. Pay attention to dynamics. Do stuff like that and you will get to that level of playing and develop a respectable proficiency on drums eventually, no matter ANYONE says... but not immediately.